The Usher!

Woo hoo!!!

So, the official site for Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen has opened, with details on all the haunted houses, scarezones, and shows!  I’m pretty psyched about this year’s event and especially this year’s “icon,” The Usher, who’s pretty mug you see to the right.

So what can we look forward to seeing this year?

  • Silver Screams: Julian Browning has been the usher in the Universal Palace since it opened in 1922.  Of course, he’s been dead since 1940, but he still commands respect for his most beloved films from every patron.  Buy a ticket to the Universal Palace, and let Julian usher you into a realm where the horror on the screen is ripped away to reveal a world that is truly terrifying.
  • Saw: For years you have come to celebrate Halloween and to witness the weakness of others.  The only way to gain redemption for this voyeuristic obsession is to truly know what it means to bleed, to feel weak; to experience pain.  Jigsaw will give you this experience.  Happy Halloween.  Let the games begin.
  • The Wolfman: Pure. Animalistic. Rage. Take a journey through England’s countryside and come face to fangs with one of the most terrifying creatures to ever explode from the silver screen.  Forget everything you knew, and prepare yourself for the sights and sounds of the newest addition to Universal’s legacy of horror!
  • Chucky – Friends Til The End: Ever wonder what happens when good toys go bad?  Chucky has been hard at work, tinkering with your favorite childhood playthings.  Nothing is what it seems as you step inside and experience what it’s like to live in Chucky’s world.  There is no Child’s Play.
  • Frankenstein – Creation of the Damned: It has been a fortnight since his creation caused the castle to be engulfed in flames.  Doctor Frankenstein now continues his work to perfect the art of resurrection and regeneration surrounded by his creations.  The Creature has also returned to make the Doctor pay for the pain and suffering he has had to endure.  The Creature will destroy everything in his path to gain redemption, and you are now caught in the middle of this epic battle.
  • Dracula – Legacy of Blood: Welcome to Castle Dracula on the night of “The Calling.” Vlad Dracul bids you welcome – be you one of the chosen women who has been called or merely a mortal man.  Those who have been chosen must decide whether to join the Dark Prince in everlasting life as his brides, or reject his offer and suffer for all eternity.  The blood must be renewed. The fate of the legacy hangs in the balance – Dracula’s legacy of blood.
  • The Spawning: Something “different” has moved in among the sewers of Wyandot County, Ohio. The locals claim that these creatures, these “Sculders,” are two feet tall with the body of a snake.  As a volunteer member of the local water district, it is your civic duty to venture into these pipes and restore the flow.  But beware, the locals are wrong about the “Sculders” and the only thing that will be flowing is your blood as it leaves your lifeless body.
  • Leave it to Cleaver: Sam Meetz cares for and about the people of Carey, Ohio like they were his own family. Samuel Meetz works for the people of Carey, Ohio as a butcher, bringing them the freshest meat possible.  With a steady livestock of transients and town lawbreakers with which to serve, and a staff of volunteers who will preserve their town’s deadly secret by any means necessary; there is truly no end in sight for Samuel or his family business.  As Sam always says, “Meet me at Meetz…the Z stands for cannibal.”

And those are just the houses!  The ones I’m most looking forward to?  Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein, of course!  I would have loved to see the Mummy and Creature from the Black Lagoon re-imagined too, but all of the houses sound pretty darn cool this year!

There are also two shows and 6 Scare Zones, including one with Nazi zombies!  Check out the site for all the info and for downloadables, like wallpapers!