mightyavengers27The Mighty Avengers #27

This is one of the few books, I picked up that was beginning a storyline. This Avengers title is unique, in that it does not tie in with the Dark Reign event going on in Marvel. I claim to not be into cosmic level heroes or villains, but in a book like this where everyone involved in the story is at that level, it feels right. The most interesting reveal of this title, is that the team is being lead by Loki, posing as the Scarlet Witch.

Overall: A perfect starting point for a new reader, this “Unspoken” storyline, is an excellent opportunity to read a comic that captures the feel of The Avengers, without having to deal with Norman Osborn.

avengers-initiative-24Avengers: The Initiative #24

How has this comic survived to 24 issues? A D-list team fighting D-list villains and not being written by Peter David? The concept, a team of super-powered characters formed to hunt down heroes who refused to sign the Superhuman Registration Act, is fine, but it should have been canned after Civil War. This team just seems redundant with the Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts roaming around.

Overall: This book is to The Avengers, what Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie is to Lord of the Rings.

Dark_Avengers7Dark Avengers #7

This part 3 of the Utopia crossover and takes place before the events of Uncanny X-Men 514 (reviewed this past Monday). It’s a “meh” read. Most of the book is the Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers beating up rioters. They reaffirm that the two groups hate each other (obviously), and the only really interesting character moments feature Professor Xavier and Beast locked in a cell. Honestly, save yourself the $4 and wait until this Utopia thing is done.

Overall: I want to see The Dark Avengers in their book. It seemed they were barely in it at all. I have no idea what my first impressions are of this team, because the focus was kept on the two other X-Men teams. Dark Avengers #8 stays with the Utopia crossover, so I guess it’ll be issue #9 before I really know if I like this book or not.