Terminator Salvations main protagonists, Sam Worthington and Christian Bale
More angry Christian Bale vs. Robots?

Despite the fact that, technically, the most recent film in the Terminator franchise was a box office failure, McG seems to be planning a fifth one, should Warner Bros decide to move forward with the franchise (which I doubt).  Here’s what he said in an interview with IESB:

I’m concurrently prepping Terminator 5, another Terminator picture. So, we’re cooking that up. And then, I’m very active in Spring Awakening, the musical, also. So, we’ll see. But, my focus, right now, is really pushing forward with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Check out the rest of the interview at IESB.  I actually didn’t hate Terminator: Salvation.  If anything, as much heat as McG gets for the film, I don’t think the problems started in the script stage before a single scene was even put to film.  Visually, though, the film is very striking, with some dynamite action sequences.  It’s already been widely rumored that he would bring the next Terminator film back to the present day (well, I guess the past, since by 2009 the world went kablooie in Terminator mythology).

What say you guys and gals?  Ready for another Terminator film?  Or, with the relaunch of Alien and Predator, should they just start over?