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Is this the face of a Supernatural killer?

Before all the haters come out to comment (and thankfully we don’t have haters here at IoM – you guys are the best!), I’ll start out by saying that I actually like Paris Hilton, and she seems to like my beloved horror genre.  Between House of Wax and Repo! The Genetic Opera, she’s two-for-two, as far as I’m concerned.  Of course, I’m not counting the crappy DTV comedies she was in … in fact, it’s best we don’t talk about those. The sex tape was funnier than those.

Of course, I was at first hesitant when I heard she’s going to be guest starring on the fifth episode of this upcoming season of Supernatural, but I’ve got faith in the show’s creators.  Besides, remember how we all rolled our eyes when last season introduced the third Winchester brother?

I found oodles of half naked (and more than half) pictures of ol’ Paris, but, thinking of you guys and your continues employment, figured they probably weren’t appropriate for work.  Though they should be!