It i hard for me to believe that it was 29 years ago that Carl Sagan captivated the world with science.  That’s right.  Frikkin’ science.

His Peabody award winning mini-series Cosmos aired on PBS back in 1980.  I was a wee lad of 13 years at the time.  And I was hooked for all 13 episodes (I don’t include the Ted Turner interview of Dr. Sagan).  It did something that few things in those days managed to do.  It inspired me to learn.

Through his program, Sagan energized an entire generation of students.  Sure, most of us didn’t go into scientific careers.  But we did open ourselves to knowledge and a greater understanding of how this universe works.

Jake Ekiss clued me into this video today.

It is brilliant.  I need the MP3.  And Sagan?  He was one sexy bastard.  Check him working that corduroy blazer!

We miss you, Dr. Sagan.