The Bigozians were the first sentient alien race to encounter humanity, even though the Martians were literally next door (oh yes, there are Martians… more on them later). And of course, the humans did not realize what they saw – or thought they saw – was from outerspace.


Bigozians are giant, burly humanoid creatures who generally average 2.5 meters in height. Bigozian’s have long, wirey fur covering much of their body with colors ranging from white to brown, black to blonde. Despite their shaggy coats, Bigozians are equally comfortable in either arctic or temperate settings. The Bigozian strength is fabled throughout the quadrant, but despite their great abilities as warriors the Bigozians have embraced the imperial ideals of peaceful trade.

They are renown throughout the galaxy as entrepreneurs, merchants, and salesmen.

The Bigozian people are an ancient race. Their civilized history extends back more than tweny-five thousand years. The inhabitants of Bigozi (Bee-goh-tseye) developed interstellar travel some 3000 years ago. This technological advancement came prior to their establishment of planetary unity. As they were still organized into large tribal units, their goal in space was to conquer more territory and seize resources enough to hammer their tribal adversaries. They fell to civil war. In their distracted state, they became vulnerable to predation from outside forces. Outside enemies led to unification, but they were not fast enough in pooling their resources to avoid the plunder that followed. Bigozi suffered a century-long ecological and financial dark age. They had only recently returned to space when they encountered humanity.

It has not gone unnoticed by Terran scholars that the Bigozians bear a fierce resemblance to the fabled SASQUATCH and YETI. Bigozian archival records have confirmed that expeditionary forces were mounted in the direction of Earth but were reported missing in action. It is unknown why the Bigozians failed to conquer or colonize Terra at that time. Certainly, the Earth was in no position to defend itself from an alien invasion some 2000+ years ago. Scholars have hypothesized that the Bigozian starships suffered some kind of equipment failure.

The Bigozians have withheld certain historic records documenting centuries of looting Earth treasures and trafficking in Humans both as slaves and cattle. Very few humans outside of Imperial halls of power are aware of this.

While it is not a secret, it is rarely discussed that Bigozians find human flesh to be a delicacy. No civilized Bigozian would ever entertain the notion of serving up a plateful of human, but one can dream.

Aaaah… the crackle of manfat in the pan!

Even more disturbing is the Bigozian fascination with sex with humans.

Relations between Earth and Bigozi are strong and positive. Bigozians are generally well thought of within the Empire

Naming conventions: Bigozian names generally follow one of two forms, either CVCCVCVC or CVCCVC.

Character Creation Notes| Bigozians start with the following abilities:

  • Start with d8 in Strength, d6 in Spirit, and d6 in Vigor
  • Always Hungry (minor or major hindrance, treat the same as Habit), the Bigozian has big appetites. Whether the hunger is for food, sex, or wealth, as a race Bigozians struggle continuously with the vastness of their wants.

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