In this week’s new episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars, Senator Amidala goes undercover to seduce an old flame who may in fact be supporting the separatist movement.  Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Anakin, who has just returned home from time away in battle and looks to spend some quality time with the ol’ wife.

Continuing with the darker, more adult themes of the second season, we definitely get a less child-friendly tale of jealousy and intrigue in this week’s episode, as Anakin definitely reacts like you would expect Anakin to do, and Padme gets all dolled up to seduce this guy, who obviously still has feelings for her.

There are some odd choices on costumes for Padme, but I think that keeps in feel with the prequel movies, in which George Lucas had Natalie Portman wear some really crazy outfits.  I’d never expect a Senator to wear something that so clearly shows her midriff, but, ya know, this is a galaxy far, far away.

Ultimately, while not quite as action-packed as the first three episodes of the season, this episode was well written, and had some interesting characterization.  It could have very easily been ruined with a Jar-Jar appearance, but we were thanfully spared.  A solid episode all around.