Win this book!
Win this book!

Death Troopers, the uber cool book that blends Star Wars with zombie fiction is now out in stores, and we recently gave you guys a chance to win it as part of our Pauloween Horror Nights month-long event!

So who won?

As it turns out it’s Not Eddie Murphey, who actually goes by the name Z0MBIE on Twitter!  Congrats Z0MBIE!  I’ll be e-mailing you soon!

In other Death Troopers news, the official Star Wars site had an interview with author Joe Schreiber, where he announced another Death Troopers novel, already completed!

The way you wrote Death Troopers lends itself to having one heck of a horrifying prequel. Any chance fans will be getting the tale of what happened on the Star Destroyer before the prison barge showed up?

Actually, I just finished the next book and sent it to Shelly Shapiro. It’s a prequel that deals with the virus and where it came from.

Awesome news! Can’t wait!