Preview art for SEIGE!


Both Comic Book Resources and Newsarama spoke with Brian Michael Bendis (what’s up with that BMB?) about the upcoming Siege event starting this December in the Marvel books, and some sweet new information was revealed!  Finally, the final act in the Dark Reign saga is getting ready to begin!

The Siege: The Cabal one-shot is really intended to be a companion piece to the Secret Invasion: Dark Reign one-shot that came out right after Secret Invasion, which had the formation of the Cabal.  The Cabal one-shot will be their falling apart.

Apparently, Siege begins when Norman Osborn tries to exercise his power over more areas than just the US.  Namely, Asgard (bye J. Michael Straczynski!), thanks to the workings of Loki (if you’ll remember Loki was the villain that the Avengers first teamed to defeat).  Of course, the Cabal is already weakened, because both Namor and Emma Frost quit the group.  However, ol’ Normie has ideas on who to replace them (including the Taskmaster), regardless of what the other Cabal members say about it.

Promising as big a change as Disassembled and New Avengers were to the Avengers mythos (perhaps we’ll just have on Avengers title – sans adjective?), features the Young Avengers, Secret Warriors, and all the other Avengers teams.  Which means that, even though Seige is only four-issues, expect many tie-in issues, specifically in New Avengers and Dark Avengers.

There will be a eight page free prologue posted on on December 29th, which will be drawn by Lucio Parrillo.

How super awesome would it be to have Bendis and Coipel as the team on a new monthly Avengers?  Given Coipel’s difficulty in making a monthly deadline, probably won’t happen.  But it would be cool.  Who’d you like to see drawing Avengers with Bendis (who will most surely be the writer)?

ROBOT 6 has video of a trailer for “Siege” here.

And check out CBR’s video interview with BMB…who needs to do an interview with us!

Am I the only one who thinks it rude that Cap, Iron Man, and Thor are considered Marvel’s Trinity?  Shouldn’t it be Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor?  Just sayin’.