Revealed today at Diamond’s Retailer Summit….HUGE news regarding Image United, the upcoming titles from Robert Kirkman and the original Image creators, which we spoke about in this week’s podcast.

Cover art for Image United.

The big spoiler after the jump.

From ComicBookResources:

The big Image news of the event came from writer and newest Image partner Robert Kirkman, who took the stage to reveal that in the pages of the publisher’s much-anticipated “Image United” crossover, the villain of the series will be a resurrected Al Simmons–the former hero of Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” who died earlier this year. On his own Twitter account, “Youngblood” creator and “Image United” co-artist Rob Liefeld noted, “Dark Spawn rises!”

Al Simmons died in Spawn #173, where he blew his own head off.  Looks like he’s coming back, Chapel-style, as the main villain of Image United!  This certainly makes me a lot more interested in the title!