David Finch art from Second Coming
David Finch art from Second Coming

Back in Messiah Complex, the first new mutant was born since the end of House of M, which reduced the number of mutants in the Marvel U to 198.  Hope, as the baby was named, escaped with Cable into the future, while Bishop, who believed the baby to be the fall of mutantkind rather than its savior, chased them to kill the child.

In Messiah War, X-Force went to the future to get the child back from ol’ Nate Summers, but after battling Stryfe, Mr. Sinister, and Bishop, Cable and Hope once more ventured forward in time.

Second Coming is the third and final part of the Messiah Trilogy, begins in the X-Men: Second Coming one-shot (drawn by David Finch), then runs through issues of Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, X-Force and New Mutants, before ending in June with another one-shot.

CBR spoke with the creative team behind the event, and learned all sorts of goodies, including Necrosha’s (this month’s X-crossover) tie in to the event.  Sounds like X-Force will be ending after the Second Coming storyline, as well.

Is Hope the resurrected Jean Grey?  We shall see!