Funnybooks: The Price!

Is DC Comics in trouble with the recent confirmation of an additional 10-15% reduction in their published titles? Also, the recent releases of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol and Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. Finally, in our comics discussion, we chat: Batman #65 (The Price crossover) Justice League #18 Return of Wolverine and the current state of the X-Men Universe

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Victor Gischler

The X-Men are about to face their deadliest threat…Vampire A Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse!  No, that’s not right…but they are about to start a brand new ongoing series, an adjectiveless X-Men #1, written by Vampire A Go-Go and Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse novelist Victor Gischler!  Not only that, the premiere of the series […]

More Details on X-MEN: SECOND COMING!

Back in Messiah Complex, the first new mutant was born since the end of House of M, which reduced the number of mutants in the Marvel U to 198.  Hope, as the baby was named, escaped with Cable into the future, while Bishop, who believed the baby to be the fall of mutantkind rather than […]

Stupid Marvel makes me buy their comics again.

Marvel made comic collecting easy for me.  After Secret Invasion, I decided that the Marvel Universe was not a universe I was interested in.  I love Spider-Man, but after making a deal with Mephisto and all the yada yada that followed, I just couldn’t get into Brand New Day.  I even tried again when they […]