Old newspaper clipping (click to enlarge).

In the nice, quiet town of StoneWater Falls, Virginia, there are many secrets.  There’s the story of Rennie, the rapist that the town hung up like a scarecrow and keep him alive, to this day, feeding him just enough to waste away from his place in the cornfield.  And of course there’s the tales of the lagoon where children go … and never return.  There’s dozens of tales of mystery and murder in StoneWater Falls, but none quiet so bloody as the tale of Paul Laniati, the town butcher.  See, StoneWater Falls is a small town, with almost as many secrets as residents, and the reason for so many of their secrets is that they don’t allow “riff raff” in their town.  It’s hard to keep an idyllic little town like StoneWater Falls idyllic, but guys like Paul make it easier for the town’s residents.  See, he’s got a little red phone behind the counter of his store that rings whenever a “delivery” comes in.  And these deliveries can be anything, really … a fresh cut of beef, some chicken from the local farm, some teenagers drunk behind the movie theater, a homeless man who’s wandered into town, those annoying brats next door … all will be served at Paul’s Butcher Shop!

The elaborate tale of Paul’s Butcher Shop is the theme behind this year’s Pauloween party at my house.  See, I had a Pauloween party a couple of year’s ago that was a blast and I’ve been trying to do Pauloween II since – the theme of the first year’s was more of a mad scientist type laboratory, but, really, it was just a bunch of different crap thrown together.  So this year I really wanted to do a more unifying theme, and after much deliberation (ideas that didn’t make the cut were ghost pirates, the seven deadly sins, and even a dark Wizard of Oz), I finally decided on the theme of the butcher shop in order to do something a little more shocking, and a little more bloody!

I think this is really the first step towards having a “home haunt” of my own – an indoor/outdoor haunted maze based out of my house (they have a ton of these on Travel channel every year that look awesome).  I’ve got tons of ideas on how to set up my Butcher Shop theme, including converting my entire garage into a butcher’s shop of sorts, complete with a chopping block, and body parts strewn about the place.

Do you have a “home haunt” you’re setting up this year?  Or even just a ton of decorations you’re putting up?  Work for a local haunt that you want to promote?  Post a comment, or send us some pics at and tell us all about it!