FRANCE DA VINCI DISCOVERYAnd it’s not even a crappy movie!  And no Tom Hanks hair to worry about!

I know we don’t often talk about REAL things here on IoM, but this story is just too cool to pass up.

The photo you see at right is of a painting that experts believe to be a newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci. Peter Paul Biro, a Montreal-based forensic art expert, said Tuesday that a fingerprint on what was presumed to be a 19th-century German painting of a young woman has convinced art experts that it’s actually a da Vinci.

Purchased for $19k, and originally believed to be painted by a 19th-century German artist, the painting has a fingerprint and palm print that match a fingerprint found on Leonardo’s “St. Jerome” in the Vatican. Apparently, da Vinci often used his fingers in his paintings.  Pretty cool stuff.  Someone loan me $20k?

Check out all the info on the story here!