Variant Cover art for FIRST WAVE, by JG Jones
Variant Cover art for FIRST WAVE, by JG Jones

Now this is a project I can get behind.  Doc Savage, The Batman, The Spirit, and all those cool classic, pulp heroes, in a tale written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Rags Morales?  Sign me up!

Starting in the Batman/Doc Savage Special, the First Wave universe is set outside of regular DC continuity, in a modern(ish) noir environment where The Batman still uses a gun and Gotham City is actually closer to LA than it is to New York.

After the Batman/Doc Savage Special and the First Wave mini, two new ongoing series, Doc Savage and The Spirit, will be firmly placed in this universe.  I’m guessing this means that the current Spirit series, started by Darwyn Cooke, is soon to be coming to an end.

Check out more about FIRST WAVE at DCU’s Source Blog.

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