Amazing Spider-Man #617
Amazing Spider-Man #617

The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man storyline Gauntlet (which begins in ASM #612) looks set to redefine and/or kill off many classic Spider-Man villains.  We’ve seen designs before in the Amazing Spider-Man Sketchbook (which we spoke about here), including a costume-less Electro (which kinda contradicts his characterization in New Avengers).

Revealed in the Marvel solicits for January are hints at the redesigns and storylines in store for Mysterio and Rhino!

Written by JOE KELLY
Pencils & Cover by MAX FIUMARA
Variant Cover by JOE QUINONES
Variant Covers by MAX FIUMARA
The Gauntlet continues to close around Spider-Man in this heartbreaking story of love, loss and lust for power as the Rhino charges into Spider-Man’s life, out to make a name for himself…by killing the Rhino? Joe Kelly & Max Fiumara, who kicked off The Gauntlet in Amazing Spider-Man #600’s prelude, return for this pulse-pounding chapter!
48 PGS./Rated A …$3.99

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
Variant Cover by Joe Quinones
“Un-Murder Incorporated”
MYSTERIO is back from the dead…and he’s not alone! When deceased members of the Maggia crime family return from beyond the grave, the balance of power shifts in their gang war with Hammerhead and the Inner-Demons.  Can Spider-Man and crime scene investigator, Carlie Cooper, solve this mystery…before it gets a little too personal?
PLUS: Secret sides of both Mr. Negative and J. Jonah Jameson Sr. revealed, a disturbing turn for Aunt May, the reappearance of ANOTHER Spider-Villain — all this and the return of Dan Slott & Marcos Martin to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Check out the rest of the solicits at the official Marvel site!