blair_witch_projectI know I’m not!  But, like an idiot, I’ll probably be there opening night anyway.  Assuming Lionsgate greenlights it – but is there any doubt?

From I Watch Stuff, it looks like original series creators Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez are planning to team up again to break out the broomstick … or little wooden guys that hang from trees.  Those little guys were creepy, weren’t they?

They’re now at the point where they’re ready to do a Blair Witch 3, once again sharing writing and directing. They’d pick up from where the original left off, pretending Blair Witch 2 never happened. The duo recently went on a drive through their original Blair Witch haunts, about a half hour from Sánchez’s Maryland home, looking for inspiration.

They’ve worked up a treatment for a new story, which would involve original cast members Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams, albeit in smaller roles.

Not sure how they plan on bringing back the original cast, ten years later. Even a film that takes place simultaneously would run into issues with their age. Hmmm…