wrath of contestIn our big Star Trek giveaway from Trek Week 2, we offered the new Star Trek 2-disc special edition DVD and IDW’s prequel comic trade paper back, Star Trek: Countdown.  All you had to do to enter the contest was tell us your recommendation for the Trek sequel.

We had many entries and lots of great suggestions such as following up on the Vulcan refugees who perhaps have fallen victim to Klingon exploitation, a re-imagining of the Gorn, and a stern recommendation to fire the writers.

The winning entry, chosen at random, was from Jaybee63 who campaigned for the return of certain con-man:

Let’s bring back Harcourt Fenton Mudd and somehow associate the green ladies along with the numerous Federal laws that Mudd violates. Plus, add in some Klingon diplomatic emergency so that Kirk needs Mudd’s help to get of this crisis.

Harry Mudd?

I could get behind that.

Plus, there’s always sexy androids around wherever Mudd goes.


Congratulations, Jaybee63!