Celebrate Black Friday in Wonderland!
Celebrate Black Friday in Wonderland!

Tomorrow, right here on IoM, you’ll see a wicked awesome interview with Zenescope Wonderland Trilogy writer Raven Gregory about his upcoming series from Zenescope, The Waking.

And then, on Friday, while the rest of the world is camped out and freezing at their local Best Buy or Target, you can be all snuggled up in your pajamas, and spending money at ZENESCOPE.COM!

Starting the holidays off right, in just one week Zenescope Entertainment will be having our 2nd annual Black Friday Weekend Blowout SALE.
Just like last year, we are offering 40% OFF on Thanksgiving AND Black Friday, just because we love you! Starting at midnight on Thursday, November 26th and ending at 11:59pm on Friday, November 27th, orders will be 40% OFF in our online store. Please use coupon code 112709 at checkout to receive the discount.

From Saturday, November 28th to Sunday, November 29th we’re keeping the sale going with an amazing 25% OFF!!! Please use coupon code 112909 at checkout to receive the discount.

*Please note that these discount codes may not be applied to statues, art prints or subscriptions. Separate orders should be placed for these items.

Make sure to pick up  the Return to Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland trades that we speak so often about on Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie – you’re never going to see a better deal on them!  And while you’re at it, pick up some Grimm Fairy Tales too – you’ll thank us later!

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