iom_moviesWait…wha?  I didn’t realize The First Avenger: Captain America (stupid title by the way) had already signed a director.  Now I see that not only have they signed a director, Joe Johnston, but they’re getting set to start shooting in June?  Man … I’ve been out of the loop.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty psyched about the choice.  Johnston’s next film, The Wolfman, looks all kinds of kick ass.  I didn’t care much for Hidalgo, but Johnston has definitely done some good flicks, including Jurassic Park III, Young Indiana Jones, Jumanji, and, yes, The Rocketeer! He also directed Honey I Shrunk the Kids, a film which STILL pays Rick Moranis enough money that he was able to turn down an appearance in Ghostbusters 3.

What do you guys think?