siegeToday at your local funnybook shop, while picking up your new comics, you may notice a small stack of postcards near the register, featuring some art from he upcoming SIEGE event.  It’s long been rumored that Marvel was coming up with some type of event/comic for the skip week, and it looks like we can finally say for sure what you can pick up while you’re picking up your copy of Blackest Night #6 and your Indy Comic Book Week books.

Marvel’s New Years Eve Eve Party includes:

  • An exclusive NYEE variant of Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (which came out today, in a non-variant kinda way)
  • A FREE Origins of Siege 32-page comic featuring origin pages and the prologue that will also premiere online on this date.
  • A FREE Marvel 2010 Calendar
  • FREE Avengers ID Cards

Also, today Siege: The Cabal was released, the opening shots that lead up to the big event.  At the end of the book, Marvel has a 6-page preview of the upcoming event, which reveals a MAJOR plot point from issue one!

Check out the announcement card of NYEE and the preview of Siege #1 after the jump!

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