iom_moviesI worked at a local movie theater (AMC 24 in Hampton, Virginia) when the original Strangeland came out back in 1998 (damn, that long ago?).  I remember looking really forward to seeing this indy horror flick we were getting at the theater (which, unlike now, wasn’t quite such a common occurrence 12 years ago), and thinking that it looked really messed up.  Of course, I was disappointed in the final product when I first saw it, but repeat viewings of Strangeland have created in my a greater appreciation for the film.  I actually really enjoy it now and, if anything, it’s pretty ahead of its time for when it was released.

Snider continued the story (well, actually as a prequel) in a Fangoria/Scream Factory mini-series called Strangeland: Seven Sins which was written by his son (and current Toy Story comic book writer), Jesse Blaze Snider.

Well, it was revealed that, due to a tax credit in Ohio, Strangeland 2 (possibly titled Disciple) will probably be up and running in front of cameras in the next 90 days!  Pretty exciting stuff!  Sure, the original was 12 years ago, but Snider has been wanting to do this sequel for ages, so here’s hoping it’s as good as the original.  Given Snider’s friendship with Hatchet director Adam Green, it would certainly be great if Green had some type of influence over the sequel!