iom_moviesWhat the hell, Danny Boyle?  Quick jerkin’ us around and give us 28 Months Later!  Or 28 Years Later, or whatever.  Or direct the remake of The Thing that they’ve got goin’ on – that would be something wouldn’t it?  I know I’d pay to see Boyle do something involving monsters, zombies, or space something again.  What’s this?  He’s got a new movie coming out?  What’s it about?

The film tells the story of mountaineer Aron Ralston, whose right forearm got pinned for nearly five days under a boulder during a climb in Utah in May 2003. He used a dull knife to amputate the limb, then scaled a 65-foot sheer wall and hiked out before running into a family that gave him water and food.

If you could see me, Danny, I’d be giving you a sad face.  Perhaps the description left out the Cthulian creature that cause the boulder to drop on the mountaineer in the first place?

Let’s hope.