Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron & Paulie: Besieged!

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Wayne and Jonathan join us to discuss working at movie theaters and amusement parks and, oh yes, this weeks comics.

  • Three of the four of us used to work at movie theaters
  • Two of the four of us worked at Six Flags
  • Blackest Night Update
    • Blackest Night #6
  • Siege Update
  • Red Robin #8
  • Marvel Boy: The Uranian
  • Haunt #4
  • Escape from Wonderland #3
  • New Mutants #8 & #9
  • X-Factor: Nation X One-shot
  • Cable #22
  • JSA: All Stars #2

Fear the Con 3, a tabletop roleplaying game convention hosted by the guys at Fear the Boot is scheduled for March 12-13, 2010 in St Louis.  Wayne, Jonathan, and Aron will be there.  Paul drew the short straw and has to stay home and keep the internets safe.

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Coming up Wednesday… our New Comic Book Day Interview with Thor writer Kieron Gillen!