Day three in our showcase extravaganza and there’s still tons of books to peruse in the Indy Comic Book Week Sampler…

possum1lv7THE POSSUM #1 by BLAIR KITCHEN is a super-hero funny book telling the secret origin of how indy comic artist Stuart Spankly gained the amazing powers of a human possum, thereby transforming himself into the hero known as “The Possum”.

Given the gift of having no vital signs, Stuart begins his quest to save the local old folks home from an Evil Genius and his son and learn about his new powers, all while dealing with the pressure of being an unemployed teenager with no living expenses.

Along for the ride, is a colourul cast of characters, such as Steve Tacola (Stuart’s best friend), Greg (the comic shop owner), and Heath (Greg’s hired help.) The Possum promises fun and laughs, along with everything else that makes comics and superheroes great.

The Possum is 72 pages of fun.  Our Grand, Second and Third Prize winners receive The Possum #1.

exoccultusEx Occultus is a globetrotting, serialized epic combining elements of Indiana Jones, H. P. Lovecraft and The X-Files as it follows the exploits of adventurer and fortune-hunter Francis Wakefield, the gruff and grizzled Englishman with a tortuous past, and his protégé, a young man only known as Hollander, as they journey through the arcane in search of treasures and fortune, righting wrongs as they go.

In the pages of the Badge of Langavat, it is 1864, Scotland. Francis Wakefield and fellow occult hunter Fergus Duff find themselves investigating the disappearance of children from nearby villages. Their hunt leads them to a forgotten castle belonging to a family of undead, cursed werewolves who have nefarious plans for the taken.

Our Grand, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners each receive Ex Occultus: The Badge of Langavat.

For details on how to enter these great books and more in our Indy Comic Book Week Sampler, click over here.