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Screw you Marvel!

That’s what DC is saying about Marvel’s recent “trade in your Blackest Night ring comics and get a Deadpool Siege variant” promotion, because they are now offering ANOTHER ring promotion…and you know what?  This one’s even cooler!

As you can see at right DC’s new BRIGHTEST DAY rings, starting with the The Flash and Green Lantern rings that will be available with The Flash #1 and Green Lantern #53, respectively.  I’m not sure the GL ring is any different than the previous one, but man…I needs me that Flash ring!

Not entirely sure there are other characters who will be getting a ring treatment – a Batring may seem a little weird, and while I’d love to get a free batarang or batbelt with my Batbook purchase, I don’t see that as likely.  Unless more characters will be wearing rings post-Blackest Night?  We shall see!

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