Senryu is Matthew Warlick’s entry for ICBW.

In a recent interview with Newsarama, he stated:

Senryu started out as an obsession with haikus. Over time I had the idea to set them all to art and see what happened, and fell in love with the format. It was directly inspired by dreams that I’ve had, as well as short stories and poems that I’ve had rolling around in my head for a few years.

I had a dream the other night  myself.  In it, Jesus was performing miracles.  The unusual thing was that the role of Christ was played by Emeril Lagasse.  Every time he performed a miracle, he shouted: “BAM!”

Inspired by dreams, perhaps that could be the subject of your next book, Matt?

Despite the amazing art he previewed for the work, I have to say I was dubious on this one. After all, Warlick brands it as a “stream of consciousness narrative in comic form.”

Yes, there’s poetry. Normally, this would have kept me away from the book. I am after all a hardcore supers guy. I can appreciate poetry, but I don’t usually groove to it.

Not usually.

Senryu is the happy exception. Warlick suckered me in with his lovely artwork and hit me hard with his thought-provoking verse. The book is an anthology of illustrated stories set to lyrical poetry. In my head, there’s a soundtrack to this book. There’s a certain element of Fantasia to it. Nicely done, Mr. Warlick.

Our grand, second, and third prize winner all receive copies of Senryu.