The hours are ticking down to the end of our contest for the Indy Comic Book Week Sampler and there’s still MORE books to talk about…

Created by brothers Carlos and Jose Esquivel, MACABRO is a short story influenced by Italian horror movies. It tells the story of Selena, a high school graduate, who moves to Milan, Italy to attend the Lombardi School of Arts. Believing she’s now on the path to fulfill her dreams, she becomes tangled with the harsh reality of her choice, the alienation from her classmates, and gruesome murders.

Our Grand, Second and Third Prize winners each receive a copy of the Macabro One Shot.

Omnitarium, Written and Illustrated by Jamie Gambell, J.C. Grande & Bernie Lee, is a dark tale.  The story starts on an 18th Century gallows.

Omnitarium 01 Pg 00 COVER down - Low100dpiArch-villain and murderer, Harrow Moonheart, finally caught and condemned to hang. But will the rope prove enough for the powerful black magician?

Behind the walls of the progressive Victorian prison, Pentansly Gaol, are trapped more than just the guilty and condemned.

Who is Harrow Moonheart, and what is the Omnitarium?

Some doors should never be opened!

Our Grand, Second, and Third Prize winners each will receive a Omnitarium #1

Shrunken Wool is an anthology comic brought to you by the good folks at TwoFold Comics.

shrunken woolStories in the first issue include:

  • Shelter by Alex De-Gruchy, Doug Stambaugh, and Amador Cisneros Jr.
  • The Sad Destiny of Who Love and Wait and Suffer by Vete
  • The Hit by Scott Hartman and by JC Grande
  • Running From Zombies by Martin Fisher, Daniel Mobley, and Jared Rourke
  • Life (With Friends) by Adam Wilson and Matthew Smith

Our Grand Prize Winner receives Shrunken Wool #1.

What Planet is This? is a Sci-Fi Noir Comedy about a space detective trying to get out of gambling debts with some nasty aliens. Creator Mike Hankins says, “I was very influenced by the Spaceman Spiff world that was often featured in the old Calvin and Hobbes comics, so in some ways this book is an homage to Watterson in that regard.”

what_planet_coverFrom the back cover:

For Space-Detective Slam Spifson, today began like every other: waking up hung over in a pile of space trash.  But THIS time, his wallet and his brother had been kidnapped.  Now Slam is on a race against time to save his brother and make enough money to get his ship fixed

Both our Grand and Second Prize winners receive What Planet is This? #1 of 1.

Darkness purges into the far depths of the human soul and will forever leave it’s imprint.  The origins of a super demon… Half demon and half human, a combination that will prove deadly to all who get in it’s way.

Part 1 of the Stolen Blood Mini Series focuses on How Everything Came To Be for J, a young musician on the rise.

Taken from super stardom to serial killer in a heart beat, J’s Soul is possessed by a powerful demon.

There Is No Turning Back, No Forgiveness And No Mercy.

Our Grand Prize winner will receive Stolen Blood.

stolen bloodOur contest ends today.

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