Though officially teased quite a while ago, Marvel (via USAToday) has officially announced today “The Heroic Age,” the next big “age” of Marvel Comics, where “heroes will be heroes again.”  Though the article at USAToday says literally nothing we haven’t already known, including that Brian Michael Bendis will be doing a new Avengers book, it does have a rather interesting image from artist Jim Cheung:

Is this the new Avengers?
Is this the new Avengers?

Though not explicitly stated, I am left wondering if this is the first reveal of the new Avengers team.  The characters certainly make sense, along the right side of the image anyway.  Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye…duh.  But is that Bucky Cap?  So does this mean Steve Rogers will be doing something else?  And The Beast, The Thing, and Ken are all busy with other teams (X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Agents of Atlas).  Though I know that’s not a dealbreaker (I mean, look at Wolverine), it’s an interesting choice to see 2 furry members on the same team.  I’m okay with the choice of Black Widow, but would prefer to see Ms. Marvel in addition.  My favorite part?  No Sentry!

Of course, this may just be a promotional image not really reflecting any one team in particular – but given the Jim Cheung art and the characters involved, it seems likely to me.  What say you?

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