I once read in an interview that She Wants Revenge said, “What could be better than having someone want to cry, fuck or get up and dance to your music?” If there is a single phrase that sums up their music it would have to be that one. Music aside their music videos are fantastic. Check out this video and read my commentary after the break.

This song really captures their entire feel, a decent beat to dance to, a dark foreboding sound, and a tragic story. The music video then goes on to tell a very specific story, something I’ve always loved about their videos. They have the ability to tell a story that isn’t the song but relates to it. Most of the time all without dialog or words. This song specifically really says everything in the chorus.

I know that you never loved me / I know that you never cared at all / No my love we can’t be friends in fact I liked you much better when you just pretend

If you liked this, its off of their This Is Forever album but don’t overlook their EPs. Unlike most bands, SWR tends to put exclusive songs on their EPs instead of remixed versions of Album tracks. I recently picked up their latest EP, Up and Down, and every time I listen to it I feel like Tyres O’Flaherty.

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