A few weeks back I decided I wouldn’t just blog about music I like, I’d blog about any music I come across. While that time it was clearly for an inside joke, this time I’m serious. I don’t really like O’Death but I’ve listened to a half-dozen tracks and figured someone else might like it. Since music is such a subjective experience even if I didn’t care for something it doesn’t mean that you won’t love it.

That said, I discovered O’Death because they did a split 7″ album with Murder by Death. There have been a few of these 7″ splits and the idea is there are two tracks from two different bands covering songs by the other band. All these tracks can be heard over a Murder by Death’s Band Camp page and I strongly suggest checking them out.

A little different this week, I’ve included the O’Death cover of Murder by Death’s song Brother. Since this track is the only O’Death song I’ve enjoyed I figured it would be the one I shared. Also, its not on YouTube so I had to find an alternative. Before anyone complains, I do like this track but it is still fairly representative of the O’Death sound. I’m not sure why but the rest of their work just didn’t jive with me.

Brother by O’Death