paulshorrorflixSo a very special edition of Paul’s Horror Flix today!  Since I’m out of town (more on that on this week’s Funnybooks) this week, I’ve been unable to enjoy my typical horror movie goodness.  I know – ghastly!  But, alas, hotel wi-fi has afforded me the opportunity enough to cruise the net, spying on the newest horror trailers for all the monster-filled goodness coming our way!

Tons of great trailers after the jump (with my thoughts), including a sneak peak at the new, very awesome-looking, Predators from Robert Rodriguez!

I love Robert Rodriguez, so I’m really excited about this film.  I know he’s just producing it (directing duties fall on Nimrod Antal from Vacancy), but it seems like the film will have his hands all over it.  The full trailer is due out tomorrow (at the official site – guessing the trailer will be attached to Repo Men), but check out a sneak preview below:

The new Nightmare on Elm Street looks visually interesting – the trick is making a character as iconic, but at the same time kind of passe, as Freddy Kruger, and make him appealing to a modern day audience.  I’m sure some changes have been made to the script I read (and talked about way back in April of last year) including, at least as far as I can tell, an expansion on the role of Twilight’s Kellan Lutz.  Will it be a boom or a bust?

I recently saw Rec 2, and will be back next week with my full review (spoiler: it rocks), but the film, which has seen recent showings in the US, probably won’t see a wide release any time soon. It is out on DVD overseas, and is definitely worth checking out.

Repo Men looks like an action-packed, non-musical version of Repo: The Genetic Opera. That being said, it still looks plenty fun, and has such a high caliber cast, it almost begs to be seen. I’m a big fan of both Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, so I know where I’ll be this weekend, when the film is officially released nationwide.

Did The Descent really need a sequel? Most fans of the original would say no (myself included), but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about the upcoming direct-to-DVD (boo) Part 2, due out April 27th.

And, finally, another look at the next movie from Charles Band and Full Moon, Puppet Master: Axis of Evil. Damn excited about this one – the biggest Full Moon Production in a long time, and available for pre-order in a special kick ass bundle starting this Thursday!

What do you want to see on Paul’s Horror Flix?  More reviews?  More trailers?  Talkback below!