c2e2Lots of huge announcements this weekend at C2E2, the big comic convention currently going on in Chicago.  Why scour the net for all the news, when you can get all the news you need to know here?

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Fantastic 3

This might explain why Ben Grimm is a New Avenger.

The Death of Dracula

Looks like Marvel’s version of the classic character may finally be biting the dust.

Ultimate Comics Mystery

The currently running Ultimate Comics Enemy is the first of a trilogy, continuing in Ultimate Comics Mystery and concluding in Ultimate Comics Doom. I remain uninterested.

We Are The X-Men

X-Man, Blade, Spider-Man, Psylocke, Gambit, Elektra, Hope, and Vampire Jubilee?  Are these going to really be a new X-Men team?  We’ll find out this Sunday.

Shazam, The Shadow, and Doc Savage

Sounds like none of these is happening any time soon, sadly.

Thor the Mighty Avenger

An all ages reimagining of Thor, I’m guessing to get people psyched about the upcoming movie?

Captain America: Patriot

Starring Jeff Mace, the second Captain America.  Who?

Hit Monkey Returns!

Your favorite assassimanian is back!

The Avengers vs. The Infinity Gauntlet

Much like Spider Man and the Secret Wars, this series will take another look at a previous crossover, re-imagining it for a modern audience.  This time under the watchful pen of awesome writer Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo)!

Daredevil: ShadowLand

Continuing the currently Andy Diggle-written storyline going on in Daredevil, ol’ Horn Head has been building up a prison beneath New York, and apparently the Avengers are none too happy about it.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

Looks like Dale Eaglesham is leaving Fantastic Four.  Well, we know that, besides being a Secret Avenger, Steve Rogers will also be in a four-issue mini entitled Super Soldier


Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev are teaming once again, this time on a creator owned series entitled Scarlet, which sounds like a great deal of fun, about a girl who leads a new American Revolution.  Fight the man!

Dungeons and Dragons

Looks like IDW will be publishing a new comic series based on the roleplaying game, shocking me because I didn’t realize there wasn’t one already.  Sadly, this doesn’t seem to take place in the universe of the classic cartoon.

New Comics…TUESDAY?

Not sure how I feel about it, but it would be cool to have an extra day to read my comics before recording the podcast on Saturdays :).

Secret Avengers

In addition to Steve Rogers, Nova is a Secret Avenger too.  So we’ve got Stevie, Nova, Moon Knight, War Machine, Beast, and Valkyrie.  Not a bad team at all.

X-Files meets 30 Days of Night

Yes.  Seriously.