C2E2 Wrap-Up: Paul's Highlights

Damn, so much cool stuff was announced at C2E2, it wobbles my already fragile little mind.  I wanted to bring special attention to a couple of my favorite announcements, and really kind of say what I find most exciting about them. Click any item to bring up more about it. Avengers: The Children’s Crusade: Probably […]

C2E2 – Day Three!

Marvel really seems to be the clear winner when it comes to huge announcements this weekend, as a ton of new projects were announced today in the X-Universe, including the revelation on just what the hell Blade is doing in an X-Men comic. New X-Force Under the watchful guise of writer Rick Remender, after the […]

C2E2 – Day Two!

I thought for a second about calling this C2E2D2, but that just hurt my head to think about – more big news announced yesterday at C2E2 and, again, why scour a bunch of different sites, when you can get the news you need to know below?  Later today, Marvel will make the official announcement on […]

C2E2 – Day One!

Lots of huge announcements this weekend at C2E2, the big comic convention currently going on in Chicago.  Why scour the net for all the news, when you can get all the news you need to know here? Click any item for the full article, and keep refreshing for the latest updates! Fantastic 3 This might […]