c2e2Marvel really seems to be the clear winner when it comes to huge announcements this weekend, as a ton of new projects were announced today in the X-Universe, including the revelation on just what the hell Blade is doing in an X-Men comic.

New X-Force

Under the watchful guise of writer Rick Remender, after the current X-Force volume ends, we’ll get New X-Force.  Only Wolverine has been announced as a member so far, but it appears as if the book will deal heavily with the villain Apocalypse.


Whilce Portacio will be the new artist on Uncanny X-Men starting this July, and Leonard Kirk will be taking over art duties on New Mutants“Mutants vs. Vampires” begins in a new X-Men #1 by Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, kind of explaining the whole Vampire Jubilee thing. Wolverine: Weapon X will be ending, with a new Wolverine #1 by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes, with covers by Jae Lee shipping in September. Dark Wolverine will become Daken: Dark Wolverine, by the same creative team (as Daniel Way told us in our interview a month ago!)

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe will continue it’s original Marvel continuity starting this July with G.I. Joe #156, from IDW.

Green Lantern and The Flash

Not too much in the way of news, but plenty of good times ahead for Green Lantern and The Flash.