2Fast, 2Furyan
2Fast, 2Furyan

Yeah, apparently that’s the name of the upcoming third film in the Chronicles of Riddick saga.  Coming  Attractions has an early review of the script for the film, and it’s definitely paired down from the last film.

Some spoiler points – don’t read if you don’t want to know anything:

  • Riddick begins Dead Man Stalking as Lord Marshal.
  • He doesn’t stay that way long.
  • Vaako’s back. Not for long.  I’d be surprised if they got Karl Urban back, honestly.
  • Riddick makes orders to go to Furya, but a Necro Commander puts them down on another planet and betrays Riddick. Riddick survives but is stranded on the planet.
  • The original plan after Chronicles was to go to the Underverse, but that’s clearly no longer the case. I don’t think the Underverse is even mentioned.
  • This draft is dated 10/18/09 and features probably the worst title ever — The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. Thank God it’s just gonna be ‘Riddick.’
  • Here’s the thrust of the plot: Riddick is stranded on a planet. He finds an empty merc base and sends up a beacon, identifying himself. Two merc teams land to go after him. The whole thing is Riddick vs. the mercs, with Riddick’s goal of stealing one of their ships to get off-world. And of course, monsters come into play.

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