Ultimate Spider-Man, Coming in 2011
Ultimate Spider-Man, Coming in 2011

Damn, this news pisses me off.  I spoke at length about how much I was LOVING Spectacular Spider-Man, the animated series run by Greg Weisman, who was also showrunner for Disney’s Gargoyles.  The quality was at least on par with The New Batman Adventures, had an ongoing mythology and had progression in its characters storylines.  It was the type of cartoon that adult geeks like us flock to, and it’s sad that apparently, now, we won’t see that season three I was waiting for.

Announced today all over the web is that, coming next year, we’re going to get an Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, based on the Brian Michael Bendis series.  While it appears Bendis isn’t directly involved (other than the material being based on his comic), the preview art at right doesn’t show much other than some Mark Bagley art from volume one of the series.

R.I.P. Spectacular Spider-Man.  You will be missed!

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