iom_moviesSome kick ass movie news today – I compiled the best of the best below!

Batman: Under the Red Hood trailer!

Man, I’m really excited about this.  I really enjoyed the original tale in Batman, written by Judd Winnick with art by the ever-reliable Doug Mahnke, which featured the return of Jason Todd.  Even though the reason (Superboy punching reality) has been made fun of to this day, Winnick sure did a heck of a job making Todd a great villain, with clear motives – something I haven’t seen done as well by other writers.  DC is adapting that tale into what appears to a be a kick-ass animated movie, featuring the voice talent of Bruce Greenwood, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Isaacs and Jensen Ackles.  It’s due out this July.

Bad Boys III!

It’s just good news after good news today, let me tell ya.  I loved the original Bad Boys, but Bad Boys II was even better.  Sure, most people hated the fact that it was two and a half hours long, but not me – I loved the hell out of it!  Now Martin Lawrence is talking about a Bad Boys III.  While I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon (ol’ Michael Bay is working on Transformers 3 first), I think both Lawrence and Will Smith are never better than when they’re in these films.  I’ll be there opening day if they do another one.

Batman says “Screw you” to 3D!

Thank God!  Some stupid Hollywood jerk isn’t trying to take advantage of 3D for the higher ticket prices?  Who else but Christopher Nolan would be wise enough to say, “enough is enough with this 3D nonsense” and finally put his foot down and do a damn good film without any gimmicks.  Except maybe IMAX.  But anyone who saw The Dark Knight in IMAX would know that, unlike 3D, a Batman film in Imax would probably be the greatest thing ever.  Ever.

No more Nimoy?

While most sites are wondering what this means for Star Trek 2 (wasn’t sure how they’d work Spock Prime in there anyway), I’m left wondering what this means for Fringe.  Though the ratings-struggling show hasn’t been renewed yet, I’m sure it will be.  Maybe William Bell will die at the end of the season?