Click to enlarge and see the coolness.
Click to enlarge and see the coolness.

And no, I’m not referring to Funnybook host Jonathan getting his hands on a Fleshlight.  The less said about that the better. Just remember Jonny – you weren’t masterbating, you were high fiving your penis…repeatedly.

Anyway…what I’m really writing to talk about, and anybody who reads this site should know by the title of the article is…wait?  And where…is the BATMAN!?

Apparently, he gets all those wonderful toys at Sideshow Collectibles.  For only $500, you can get a life-size prop replica of the cowl worn in 1989’s Batman movie.  Of course, it’s made out of fiberglass, so don’t try to wear it unless you want your skin all…cracky.  You can also get your hand on a Bat-Grapple (that I’m pretty sure doesn’t actually work, but damn does it look cool) and small timey replicas of the Batwing and Batmobile from the film.

Time to break out the credit card, because these are amonst the awesomest awesomes that ever awesomed!

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