iom_moviesOkay….I know this isn’t the type of news we typically report on here at IoM, but something had to be said.  According to Coming Soon, Helen Mirren has joined the cast of the upcoming Arthur remake, which apparently stars…Russell Brand.

I just had a conversation about how much Brand has overstayed his welcome with me, and not just because he’s sleeping with future Mrs. Ex-Aponte, Katy Perry.  And, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall…until I realized he was just playing himself.

And playing a role made iconic by the one and only Dudley Moore?  I don’t get upset when they give Spider-Man organic shooters.  I don’t get upset when they want to remake The Thing (alright, got a little upset about that one).  But recasting Dudley Moore’s iconic role with…Russell Brand?  No me gusta.