Something’s wrong with the time stream, and only Booster Gold can fix it!  Teamed up with Rip Hunter and his trusty robot companion Skeets, Booster’s traveling throughout history, trying to repair the damage done by an unknown villain.  Along the way, he’ll prevent the death of Hal Jordan and Superman, try to prevent Joker from crippling Batgirl, and maybe, just maybe, save Ted Kord from certain doom?

This contest is for the first six issues of the current volume of Booster Gold, which comprised the storyline “52 Pick-Up,” co-written by comics superstar Geoff Johns with Jeff Katz, with art by Booster’s creator, none other than Dan Jurgens!

How do you enter?  Well, tell us about the one thing in comic history that you wish you could go back in time and change in the talkback section below!  One randomly chosen winner will receive the prize!

As always, our FFD contest rules can be found here.  Good luck!