Tony Chu is a Cibopath, which means that anything he eats gives him a psychic impression – he learns the entire history of anyone who has ever come into contact with that food.  Pretty hand for a detective, except that it really keeps him from being able to eat anything but radished, the one food he won’t get visions from.  Chew is the award winning series from Image Comics, writer John Layman, and artist Rob Guillory.

This contest is for the first five SOLD OUT issues of Chew (the first issue is a second printing), which comprise the storyline “Taster’s Choice,” introducing us to the world of Chew, and sets up one of the most unique ongoing series in comics!

How do you enter?  Well, tell us about the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten in the talkback section below!  Two randomly chosen winners will receive the prize!

As always, our FFD contest rules can be found here.  Good luck!