It seems that designs for the costume to be using in the new Captain America movie have begun leaking online. A special thanks to my friend Sari for pointing this out to me.  This design has been confirmed by numerous sources, but like all internet rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.  Time will also tell how close the physical costume will be to the original designs.

I personally like the look.  It has obvious calls to the WWII era uniforms and looks to be both functional and not too cheesy.  It seems to both capture the feel of the comic costume while adding in protective features in a manner we have not seen done this well since the redesign of Batman’s costume in Batman Begins.    I have heard complaints about the suspenders, but based on the timeframe they just seem to fit for me.

So what do you all think about this design?  Does it live up to your expectations?  Keep reading to see more images at full size.



capamerica 3capamerica 1