Damn…E3 snuck up on me this year.  I got excited about a couple of video game announcements and, all of a sudden, there were a billion of them!  Why go all over the web when you can get all the kick ass video game announcements here?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: Looks like EA finally wised up and realized that people play Need for Speed games to have awesome car chases with lots of crashes and cops chasing you the entire time.  No footage shown, but if it’s good as the last Hot Pursuit (there were two of those, actually), we’re in for an AWESOME racing experience.

Dead Space 2: Fans of the first game will be happy to know that not only does the sequel ramp up the action, but the gore as well.  Looks like Isaac not only made it past the original, but he’ll be doing his Necromorph hunting in a futuristic city.  Dead Space II is due out January 25, 2011.

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade: We’re getting new downloadable Castlevania and Tomb Raider games, and that Castlevania one looks FRIGGIN AMAZING.

Natal/Kinect: Microsoft unveiled its new motion sensor gaming system (now called Kinect and priced at $150) and unveiled a slew of new games, including a new Star Wars game that looks mighty impressive.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Yes, a new Star Wars RPG, set during the years WAY before the movie during the Old Republic of the Jedi Order.

Xbox 360 Slim: Yup, now that I have an Elite, they’re releasing a new “slim” Xbox 360.  What’s included?  A 250 GB removable hard drive, a more efficient power source, HDMI capability, and 802.11n Wi-Fi.  All for $300.

Bulletstorm: This awesome looking first person shooter is due out next February.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising:  Ya know, a lot of these games were announced at the 2009 E3, weren’t they?  But, new footage of the newest Metal Gear Solid game has been unveiled.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: Due out this November is the newest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, a single-player continuation of the Ezio storyline from AC2.

Gears of War 3: Four Player Co-Op?  Hell yes.

The Force Unleashed II: God dang this game looks incredible…but, ya know, if this Jedi is really that powerful, why did they give a crap about Anakin and Luke?

X-Com: The beloved PC game returns…as a first person shooter that looks wholly unimpressive.

Marvel v. Capcom 3: Deadpool vs. Devil May Cry’s Dante?  This game can’t come out soon enough.

DC Universe Online: An awesome new trailer has been unveiled for the game, due out this November.

Driver 5: Tanner returns….except that he;s in a coma and all of this is happening in his head and you can spiritually leap into other bodies. Whoa…