E3 2010: Days 3 and 4

Though most of the big hardware announcements came in the first two days of E3, there were sure plenty of awesome video games shown off on days 3 and 4, and it looks like all of us video games fans will be pretty broke this coming year! Hunted: The Demon’s Forge: A dungeon crawler from […]

E3 2010: Day 2

The announcements are coming out a mile a minute this year at E3, but what’s most surprising to me is that Hollywood’s remake craze seems to have made it’s way into gaming, as half of this year’s announcements seem like reboots/remakes of games of yesteryear.  Will they improve on the classics? Day 1 saw some […]

E3 2010: Day 1

Damn…E3 snuck up on me this year.  I got excited about a couple of video game announcements and, all of a sudden, there were a billion of them!  Why go all over the web when you can get all the kick ass video game announcements here? Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: Looks like EA finally […]