The announcements are coming out a mile a minute this year at E3, but what’s most surprising to me is that Hollywood’s remake craze seems to have made it’s way into gaming, as half of this year’s announcements seem like reboots/remakes of games of yesteryear.  Will they improve on the classics?

Day 1 saw some awesome announcements for the Xbox 360, with Day 2 focusing on the Wii and Ps3.  Click any subject to read more!

Nintendo 3Ds: Nintendo’s 3D handheld, glasses-free system seems to have made a big impression.  A ton of games are due out in short order for it, as well.

Donkey Kong Country: Due out this holiday season, the return to the world of DKC is a 2D platformer that looks to bring back the joy of the N64 classic.

Twisted Metal Ps3: A new Twisted Metal was revealed for PS3, in which you get helicopters, massively destructive cities, 16 player online, 4 player splitscreen, and  many new modes.  Trailer here.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Another 2D side-scroller for the Wii, this time featuring the little ghost Kirby in a very Little Big Planet looking world.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Yup, another new Zelda game for the Wii.  Yawn.

Infamous 2: New powers and giant monsters await fans of the new superhero action series from Sucker Punch Studios.

Dead Space: Extraction: The rail shooter released for the Wii will soon be out in HD for the Playstation 3, using the new Ps3 Move technology.

Portal 2: Not just for the Xbox 360 this time – Ps3 fans rejoice.

Gran Turismo 5: Coming this November.  Do people still play this series?

Playstation Move: Sony’s Motion Sensor controller is due out this September, for WAY cheaper than a Kinect.

Epic Mickey: Still looking awesome!

Heroes on the Move: Sony will be teaming up Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper in one game?  What, so Spyro?

Rage: Yes, id Software is apparently still working on it.

Goldeneye: The N64 classic returns, this time for the Wii, and featuring DANIEL CRAIG.  Yes, you read that right.  Looks pretty amazing, actually.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

Dead Rising: Case Zero: Released a month before Dead Rising 2 hits stores, a prequel set before the events of the much-anticipated sequel.

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