Man, I used to love The A-Team growing up.  Especially Mr. T.  I even watched the Mr. T cartoon, where he teamed up with a group of gymnasts or something to solve crimes (I think…I really don’t remember it all that well).

We’ve seen some good movies made out of old TV shows (Miami Vice was decent) and there have definitely been a good number of stinkers.  But, I have to admit that the trailers for The A-Team made it look pretty damn awesome.  Not only that, it had a solid cast, featuring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Sharlto Copley (who I totally didn’t recognize as the dude from District 9), and a good director, Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin’ Aces, and a kick-ass The Hire short for BMW) .

The trailer for the film made it look like a lot of crazy fun like we haven’t seen in our action movies for a while, and I was hoping that the movie lived up to the trailers.

Having seen the movie today, I can tell you that it does – The A-Team kicks ass.  Hardcore.

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The A-Team begins with the tale of how the team gets together.  We get a big, crazy action sequence to introduce us to the gang and, really…it’s nothing but big crazy action from then on.  There’s nothing but absolutely impossible action scene after another, featuring the team surviving things no one else could survive, and doing things no one could possibly do.  We get two tremendous action sequences before the real “story” of the film begins – that is, the framing of the team and their attempts to clear their names.

I use the term “story” loosely, because, really, there’s not much of one to speak of.  It’s pretty basic – guys are good, guys are framed, guys kick ass and clear their names.  Really though, you’re not apt to miss the story.  The film is just two hours of tremendous fun, and you’ll find yourself laughing and having a good time and wanting to see the film again as soon as it’s over.

One of the best parts of the film is just how much fun everyone making it seems to be having.  We get shot after shot of everyone laughing their collective asses off, and it all reads as genuine.  Not only that, there’s not just the sense that people are having fun, but that everyone is tremendously INSANE.  There’s so much crazy action, and everyone seems to be laughing maniacally while doing it.  Everyone let’s loose and has fun, even Bradley Cooper, who’s more animated in this film than I’ve EVER seen him.

Everyone gives Jessica Biel a hard time in the film, but I have to admit she wasn’t that bad.  She didn’t take away from the film, but she didn’t really add to it either.  Though every time I saw her, I kept thinking that she looked like she could play Tomb Raider should they ever do a reboot of that series.

I hope The A-Team does well.  It’s not a perfect film (there’s that lack of story), but it’s the best time I’ve had at the theater this year, and certainly the best film so far this summer (yes, that includes Iron Man 2).  HIGHLY recommended for those looking to have a blast and definitely get their monies worth.

Paul's Awesomeness Score - 8 out of 10