thor Hot on the heels of the Captain America Costume Leak from yesterday the concept    art for Thor has now been released as well.  We have already seen the production still to the left so there is really nothing new here other than a glimpse at Mjolnir.  What is interesting is comparing the concept art to the still we see that they did a VERY good job of creating a costume that looks like the concept.  This gives me great hope for the Captain America movie since I loved that costume.

This costume seems like a slightly modernized version of what Thor is currently wearing in the comics.  I would love to see someone with better photoshop skills than I take these leaked concept art pictures and put them side by side to give us a preview of what the Avengers are going to look like.

So what does everyone think?  Was this a deliberate leak to capitalize on the Captain America leak?  What do you think of the design?  Are you as excited as I am by the lack of little wings on both costumes?

Read on to see the actual leaked designs.