silverdragonI’m actually really excited about this news.  I’m a huge fan of the books that Zenescope puts out (we’ve even been quoted on a couple), and the idea of them putting out all-ages material is, in my opinion, pretty damn awesome.

Silver Dragon Books and Discovery Communications to Make Graphic Novels Geared Toward Fans of All Ages

Fort Washington, PA – June, 1 2010 – Silver Dragon Books, a division of Zenescope Entertainment, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Discovery Communications to produce three graphic novels over the next 12 months. The books will expand on Discovery’s mission to satisfy consumers’ curiosity and will focus on three of the company’s most popular programming genres: sharks, dinosaurs and predatory animals.

The first in a series of three graphic novels, Discovery Channel’s Top Ten Deadliest Sharks (wt), will be released in August, tied to Discovery Channel’s annual rite of summer, Shark Week. It will be followed by Discovery Channel’s Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Predators (wt) and Animal Planet’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals (wt).

“Our goal with the Discovery project was to capture the visual intensity and first-rate storytelling of Discovery’s programming within the graphic novel arena,” said Joe Brusha, Silver Dragon Books CEO. “We’re confident, and feel readers will agree, that we’ve harnessed that Discovery spirit in this special series of books.”

“Discovery’s mission has always been to help viewers satisfy curiosity about the world around them through breathtaking imagery and stories,” said Elizabeth Bakacs, Vice President, Licensing, Discovery Communications. “Graphic novels offer a unique opportunity to expand our platforms for storytelling. We look forward to working with Silver Dragon Books to captivate and cultivate a new audience through this partnership.”