Your Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie hosts are super-excited about Top Cow’s upcoming Artifacts crossover, which began with a zero issue released on Free Comic Book Day and continues with Artifacts #1 this July!

The FCBD issue of Artifacts introduced readers to the 13 Artifacts and mythology of the Top Cow Universe, including The Witchblade and The Darkness, two of the company’s longest running titles. Still, if you’re confused after reading the FCBD issue, hankering for more information, or missed out on the book, your friends at Funnybooks and are here to help get you caught up on what is sure to be an AWESOME comic book event!

We’re going to introduce you to the 13 Artifacts, and their current bearers (what information is currently known, anyway), talk about comics that are involved in the Artifacts crossover that you may not have even known about, and go over some of the key players in the storyline.  This is going to be the best place to come to get yourself prepared for Artifacts!

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This week:

Aphrodite IV!

Aphrodite IV has tangled with Sara Pezzini a few times.

Back in 1996, a young artist named David Finch (maybe you’ve heard of him) got his start at a comic company named Top Cow productions, as artist on the title Aprophite IX. The series took place in the future, and focused on Aphrodite IX, a female android who’s brain is wiped clean after each mission.  Because of this, she’s confused, wondering what she does and who she works for.  She discovers that she’s an assassin, but she doesn’t like the idea, fighting against her programming.  When she seeks out clues to her past and true identity, she discovers a conspiracy involving a secret society attempting to overthrow the government.

Years before Aphrodite IX, however, Aphrodite IV became a source of trouble for some of Top Cow’s biggest names, including Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) and Jackie Estacado (the Darkness).  After infiltrating CyberForce headquarters, Aphrodite IV was sent to test her battle proficiency against a mystical opponent…the Witchblade.  She survives the battle, and is sent (after some upgrades) to capture  Jackie Estacado and bring him to  The Sovereign (see more about him in our entry on the Darkness).

Most recently, Aphrodite was sent to assassinate Dr. Singh, who has betrayed his company, and is defecting to Cyberdata.  She tangles again with Sara Pezzini, but the fight is interrupted by Cyberdata SHOC Troops and other Aphrodite robots.  They team up to defeat them, but Sara is betrayed by Aphrodite, who kills Singh.

In the Artifacts FCBD issue, Aphrodite IV is seen licking her wounds from her mission, before being sent out to retrieve all 13 Artifacts….

Read all about Aphrodite IV and IX in the books below!